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Quick Stick Warning: THE BALL WILL RETRACT AND COME BACK AT HIGH SPEED. Anything within 10 feet of you can be hit by the ball. WEAR PROTECTIVE GEAR for head, face, body and hands. PROPER USE: Wear full lacrosse gear, including helmet and face mask, pads, gloves and athletic shoes. Do not use within 10 feet of any other people or objects (cars, trees, walls, etc.). Not intended for indoor use. DO NOT RISK GETTING HIT IN THE FACE OR ON YOUR BODY. WEAR PROPER GEAR.

ADULT SUPERVISION: CHILDREN 10 YEARS OLD OR YOUNGER SHOULD BE SUPERVISED BY AN ADULT. NOT APPROPRIATE FOR USE BY KIDS AGE 7 OR YOUNGER. SUPERVISE FROM AT LEAST 10 FEET AWAY. DO NOT ALTER OR MODIFY THE PRODUCT. The product may become dangerous if modified. Do not alter it by using it with any other type of ball, including a regulation lacrosse ball. DO NOT SEPARATE THE BALL FROM THE CORD OR USE THIS AS A LACROSSE BALL – it is not a regulation lacrosse ball.